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Price list for the water services:  


Type of the services  


Water supply - through pumping facilities 1,71 BGN/m3
Water supply - gravity fed  0,95 BGN/m3
 Sewerage   0,10 BGN/m3
 Waste water treatment - Household  0,29 BGN/m3
 Waste water treatment – Industrial, as follows: 
            Pollution level 1  0,71 BGN/m3
            Pollution level 2  0,88 BGN/m3
            Pollution level 3  1,18 BGN/m3


* prices are VAT excluded



The total price consists of the sum from the prices of the types of services available at your location: 

Water supply + Sewerage + Waste Water Treatment  


For example a household customer would have the following bill: 


Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Type of serviceBGN/m3 Type of serviceBGN/m3 Type of serviceBGN/m3
Water supply, pumped1.71 Water supply, gravity feed0.95 Water supply, pumped1.71
Sewerage0.10 Sewerage0.10 Sewerage0.10
Waste Water Treatment 0.29 Waste Water Treatment 0.29 Waste Water Treatmentn/a
Sum:2.10 Sum:1.34 Sum:1.81
VAT 20% 0.42 VAT 20% 0.27 VAT 20% 0.36
Total price 2.52 Total price 1.61 Total price 2.17


    Prices are valid from 01.04.2011


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